Be Strong & Courageous... Have No Fear!

Head Coach: Ken Lee

Head Coach Ken Lee 

* Founder of Total Defense System (TDS)

* Pankration Black Belt Instructor

* Taekwondo Black Belt Instructor

* Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Instructor

Coach Ken was the National Head Coach of the Canadian Sport Jujitsu Team, President of the ISJA Canadian Sports Jujitsu Association and President of the Canadian Pangration Federation. Coach Ken has taught thousands of students in his 25 years as a martial arts instructor and personally trainged multiple National, International and World Champions. 

MMA Coach: Jewelz Lee

Coach Jewelz Lee 

*Co-Founder of Total Defense System (TDS)

*2nd Degree Taekwondo Black Belt Instructor

*2-Time Canadian WTF National Silver Medalist 

MMA/BJJ Kickboxing Coach: Angela Lee

Coach Angela Lee

*TDS Black Belt Instructor 
*Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Instructor  
*2012 USA National Pankration Junior Champion
*2012 USA National Pankration Senior Champion
*2012 W.A.P.F. (World Athlima Pangration Federation) Pankration Champion (Greece)
*2012 W.A.P.F. (World Athlima Pangration FederationWorld MMA Champion (Greece)
*2013 Hawaii State Wrestling Champion 
*2014 Destiny MMA Straw Weight 115lbs. Champion
*2016 PRESENT: 4-Time ONE Championship World Atomweight Champion
                                                     *2018 World MMA Awards: "Best Female MMA Fighter of The Year"
                                                     *Youngest Professional MMA Champion in History (Guiness Book of World Records 2018)

MMA/BJJ/Kickboxing Coach: Christian Lee

Coach Christian Lee

*TDS Black Belt Instructor 
*Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Instructor 
*2-Time USA National Pankration Junior Champion
*2012 WAPF (World Athlima Pangration Federation) World MMA Champion (Greece)
*2013 FILA World MMA Champion (Croatia)
*2013 FILA World Pankration Champion (Croatia)
*2013 FILA World Grappling Champion (Croatia)
*2013 FILA World Grappling Champion (Croatia)
*2013 FILA World BJJ Champion (Croatia) 
                                                     *2013 USFL Pankration National Champion 145lbs.
                                                     *2013 Star Elite Pankration Champion 145lbs.
                                                     *2014 Bred 4 Battle Pankration Champion 155 lbs
                                                     *2016 - Youngest Professional MMA Fighter in History
                                                     *2019 ONE Championship World Lightweight Champion 
                                                     *2019 Youngest Male Professional MMA World Chamipion In History


Muay Thai Kickboxing Coach: Haru Shimanishi

Coach Haru Shimanishi 

*Studied Martial Arts for over 40 years in the form of Nihon Kempo, Boxing, Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling. 
*Former competitor and presently a respected trainer, teaching all over the world. 
*1991 - established American Martial Arts Center (AMC), where he has successfully trained World Champions. 
*1996 - received the WKA "Trainer of the Year" award 
*2005 - received ICON SPORTS "The best MMA trainer of the year" award 
*2005 - established a new school, Hawaiian Martial Arts Center, aka - HMC.
*Fighters trained under Haru Shimanishi: 
Maurice Smith, Matt Hume,Curtis Schuster, Kim Messer, Josh Barnett, Dennis Holman, Satoshi Ishi, Dennis                          Alexio, Matt Brown, Chris Leben

MMA/BJJ Coach: Bruno Pucci 

Coach Bruno Pucci 


*1st Degree Brazilian JuJitsu Black Black Instructor

* 2006 FILA Brazilian National Wrestling Championships 3rd Place

* 2009 IBJJF World N0-GI Champion: Purple Belt

* 2009 IBJJF Brazilian Nationals Champion: Blue Belt

* 2010 IBJJF World NO-GI Champion: Purple Belt

* 2010 IBJJF World Championships 3rd: Purple Belt

* 2011 UAE JJF World Championships 3rd: Purple Belt

* 2011 IBJJF World NO-GI Championships: Brown Belt

* ONE Championship Featherweight Contender

BJJ Coach: Mike Fowler 

Coach Mike Fowler 

*3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Instructor 
*2003 IBJJF Pan American Champion 
*2003 IBJJF American National Champion 
*2003 US Open Champion 
*2003 Grapplers Quest Champion 
*2004 Grapplers Quest Champion 
*2005 CBJJO World Cup 3rd Place (2005 brown)
*2005 IBJJF American National Champion 
*2006 IBJJF American National Champion 
                                                    *2006 IBJJF Pan American Silver Medalist 
                                                     *2007 IBJJF Asian Open Champion
                                                     *2008 IBJJF Asian Open Champion 
                                                     *2009 IBJJF Asian Open Champion
                                                     *2009 IBJJF American National Champion

MMA/BJJ Coach: Jared Miyamoto 

Coach Jared Miyamoto 

*TDS Black Belt Instructor 

*BJJ Brown Belt Instructor

*2014 Man-Up, Stand-Up Muay Thai Champion 

MMA Coach: Marc Keomalu 

Coach Marc Keomalu 

*TDS Black Belt Instructor 
*BJJ Purple Belt Assistant Instructor
*Star Elite 135lb. Champion 

MMA Coach: Jhon Gwak 

Coach Jhon Gwak

*TDS Black Belt Instructor

*BJJ Purple Belt Assistant Instructor

MMA Coach: Victoria Lee 

Coach Victoria Lee 

*TDS Black Belt Instructor 

*15X NAGA Expert Champion 

*2019 Hawaii Wrestling Silver Medalist

*2019 Junior USFL National Pankration Champion 

MMA Coach: Spencer Higa 

Assistant Coach Spencer Higa 

*Professional MMA Fighter0

*BJJ Purple Belt Assistant Instructor

*2018 X-1 Hawaii State Champion